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Our Best Sellers

Classic Corned Beef Reuben
Thinly sliced corned beef, tang sauerkraut, aged Swiss cheese and zingy Thousand Island dressing. Served on sliced buttered and grilled marble rye.

The Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla
All white meat chicken strips, fried, chopped and tossed in our house wing sauce, Pepper Jack and Cheddar cheese blend, a spicy chipotle aioli on a jalapeno Cheddar tortilla. Grilled and served with our famous ranch.

Crab & Avocado Quesadilla
A blend of surimi crab, avocado, Cheddar Jack cheese and chipotle aioli. Served on a spinach tortilla and grilled til crisp. Served with a side of sour cream.

Peggy’s Chicken Quesadilla
Blackened chicken breast chopped and mixed with Cheddar Jack cheese, served on a crispy jalapeno Cheddar tortilla. Also comes with a side of sour cream.

Portobello Flatbread Panini
Vegetarian! Oven-roasted portobello mushrooms, sliced Roma tomatoes, sweet banana peppers, avocados, black olives, spun carrots, cucumbers, caramelized onions, organic baby lettuce, sliced Provolone cheese, basil aioli, balsamic sub sauce, salt, pepper and oregano. Grilled to perfection on naan flat bread.

 Will’s Prime Dip
It’s hot! Our house roasted shaved beef, aged Swiss, crispy tobacco onions and thyme aioli. Served on a homemade buttered grilled panella roll and served with a cup of salty au jus dip.

Greek Gyro
Thinly sliced lamb gyro meat, tztaziki sauce, Feta cheese, sliced Roma tomatoes, marinated red onions and spun cucumbers, served on naan flatbread.


Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla

Greek Gyro

The Ultimate Italian


The Grilled Primo Turkey Wrap
Shaved oven-roasted turkey breast, sliced Provolone cheese, crispy tobacco onions and our bangin’ basil aioli sauce. Served on a garlic herb tortilla and grilled to perfection.

CPT. T’s Beef 51 Mustang Wrap
This baby is high performance! House roasted medium rare shaved beef, spicy chipotle aioli, sliced Pepper Jack cheese, Roma tomatoes, avocados and a heap of crispy tobacco onions. Wrapped on a jalapeno Cheddar tortilla and toasted crispy.

Southwest Sunrise Turkey Wrap
Shaved oven-roasted turkey, sliced Roma tomatoes and avocado’s, spicy chipotle aioli, Pepper Jack cheese and crispy tobacco onions. Wrapped up on a jalapeno Cheddar tortilla and grilled crispy.

Smoked Ham Swiss & Ranch Wrap
Shaved ham, Swiss, organic baby lettuce, sliced Roma tomatoes and our famous homemade ranch dressing. Served on a garlic herb tortilla sealed with cream cheese.

Honey Turkey BLT Wra
Shaved oven-roasted turkey breast, thick-cut Hickory Smoked bacon, sliced Roma tomatoes, organic baby lettuce, sweet honey mustard sauce and a swipe of mayo. Served on a garlic herb tortilla and sealed up with a little cream cheese.

Doug’s Vegetarian Wra
Cool and crisp, organic baby lettuce, marinated shaved red onions, spun carrots and cucumbers, sliced Roma tomatoes, sliced black olives, sweet banana peppers, crispy dill pickle slices, balsamic sub sauce, salt, pepper and oregano. Served on a spinach tortilla with a swipe of cream cheese to seal the deal.

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